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About Us

We are a subsidiary of Quantum Age Corporation (QAC) a quantum technology company headquartered in Irvine, California, USA.

WaterCloud International will manage the QAC Asia Pacific's diversified business portfolio comprising of technologies developed by world leading scientists and engineers from MIT, Harvard, Caltech, University of Pennsylvania, UCI, USC, UC Berkeley, Rice University, Yale and Stanford.

What We Do

We oversee the delivery of 5 ecosystems of disruptive companies to empower the quantum age and life.

These ecosystems comprise of E-Mobility & Transportation, Power & Energy, Security & Sustenance, Health & Wellness and promoting the global Quantum Marketplace.

Our technology comprises of breakthrough technology platforms in Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, AI based Cyber Security, Graphene, Quantum Energy, Quantum Flash Charging, In-Wheel E-Powertrain and the Quantum Flashtube.

Each ecosystem is managed by a highly skilled professional management team to provide front end services ranging from licensing to product delivery to market via our in-house quantum block chain.

WaterCloud International

A Quantum Age Corporation subsidiary managing QAC Asia Pacific's Financial Capital Investment Portfolio.

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